BC.Game Privacy Policy for Nigerian Players

BC GAME privacy policy discusses the personal data acquired from players of Nigerian citizens and how the information is stored, used, and transferred. Be sure to know the important aspects of cooperation with this site and act accordingly.

Privacy Policy

BC GAME is operated by Small House N.V. and is registered in Curaçao under the license number OGL/2023/159/0076. Players must note that the bookmaker has the right to collect user data as stated in the agreed-upon terms and conditions during account setup. Often, the operator stores, processes, or shares user data locally or cross-border to ensure smooth discharge of duties, personalize service, and better understand customers. BC.GAME reserves the right to retain player information until it is no longer needed.

About Cookies

At BC GAME, a cookie is usually sent from the bookmaker server to user computers and mobile devices to help identify each user and what they do on the platform. Similarly, this cookie provides an ideal way to understand punters’ unique preferences and tailor services to their tastes. Sometimes, independent third parties also set cookies.

Kinds of Cookies Used in BC Game

Some of the crucial cookies set by BC.GAME include: 

  • _tp cookies: For identifying user fingerprint;
  • _t cookies: For tracking users’ visitation to our website;
  • _r cookies: For tracking external traffic sources; 
  • _c cookies: For documenting traffic from affiliate programs. 

Apart from internal cookies, there are external cookies from Google Analytics, Zendesk Cloudflare, etc. Gamers can turn off cookies on their device in the browser settings based on their preferences. However, BC Game doesn’t approve this practice as it may affect the efficiency of service received.

User Personal Data Protection Policy

BC GAME has enacted several measures, such as end-to-end encryption across private and public servers and the cloud, to safeguard user personal information. The website also has strong firewall protection to prevent distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

Server Protection Policy

Some of the proactive measures taken to prevent downtime on BC.GAME network server include: 

  • Full encryption of server and data duplicates; 
  • Use of firewalls to curb DDOS attacks; 
  • Use a VPN to restrict access; 
  • Automated alerts in the event of danger, suspicious activity, and security threat;  

Overall, BC GAME takes responsibility for user data and notifies users when there is a consequential data breach.

Data International Transfer

The operator takes precautions to avoid user data from being compromised during cross border data transfer. Moreover, BC.Game complies with appropriate data security laws and only shares info with trusted organizations. There are some user data types of importance to BC GAME.

Personal data

BC GAME requests personal information such as first and last name, email address, and geolocation data from customers at the point of registration for KYC purposes.

Usability data

The operator collects usability data, such as user device type, operating system, and I.P. address, to inform website redesign and optimization.

Customer support data

To give users the best experience possible, BC GAME has a standby customer support team to resolve player challenges. When a user sends a support ticket, the casino collects user data like names, the nature of the error, etc., to help streamline future interactions.

Social media data

When users connect their social media account to the casino website during registration or to win incentives, the operator documents their S.M. profile information such as username, email address, contact information, etc. Some of the social media from which users can access the bookmaker include: 

  • Gmail;
  • Facebook;
  • Telegram;
  • Crypto wallet.

User data protection is key to the operation of BC.GAME. As such, users’ information is only shared with trusted third-party apps and authorized entities.

Data Removal Policy

Users may request alteration or utter deletion of their data. In this situation, the player will contact the customer representative via [email protected] to make their request known.  Players must know that their data deletion right is not absolute, as certain laws may restrict the operator from deleting player accounts even when it is against the player’s wishes.

Registration and Sign-in

Only gamers who are 18 at the time of registration can use BC.GAME services. Players must provide accurate data when creating their profiles to avoid KYC verification issues during withdrawals.

Importantly, only one email can be used per account. Punters are encouraged to provide a valid email during registration, as emails are unalterable. Create a new account if players need to dispose of their previous email.